Nikolay Shipilin - designer

Time-Lapse Project


This project took at least 6 hours of shooting and couple more in editing. Final result – 1 minute video. Enjoy!

How to pick a digital camera…


I’m learning to speak effectively (taking class at the Art Institute of California – Sacramento) and figured – I might as well share this useful info with the rest of the world. Hope this helps you…

Do you have a digital camera? Are you happy with it? Was it a challenge for you to pick this camera?
The purpose of my speech is to demonstrate how to evaluate your needs and wants in order to pick a camera that’s right for you.
I am a professional photographer with over 8 years of experience, a photography tutor and a president of a photo club at the Art Institute of California – Sacramento.
I believe this steps will help you get from “IDK” what camera to I need a camera that is…. And has… before you walk in your camera store.
There are four main steps in process of choosing the camera that’s right for you and they are 1. Get a clue! 2. Decide who you are! 3. Answer if you need a brand or a camera. 4. Plan and budget!

A. Get a clue! Research.
1. What are your goals with the camera you’re buying?
2. Quality vs portability. Looks vs Durability. iPhone camera?
3. Simplicity VS control. Do you know your “shhhheep”?
B. Decide who you are in the process.
1. Are you a pro or an amateur having fun?
2. Camera: Tool or a Toy.
3. When buying on sale – think if you’d buy it without the sale?
C. Brand or camera?
1. Impression VS prints.
D. Make a plan and buy.
1. Budget for good memory card.
2. Plan for a spare battery.
3. Invest into a tripod.

One more time…
1. Get a clue about the modern camera gear choices.
2. Decide who you are in the process
3. Are you branded or smart?
4. Stick to your plan.

If properly planned and thought out – the camera will deliver exactly as expected and will be worth every penny spent.

Title Sequence – Motion Graphics


Motion graphics project I shot and produced for a short film called 3rd and Market by Brandie Rovito.
Movie Trailer:

Friends show got an accent


This is my voice over show called “Friends”. Sounds good, ain’t it?

Kinetic Typography on “Mask”


My take on Kinetic Type over the famous Jim Carrey’s movie “The Mask”. Check it out…

Fear’s Eyes – the movie


My short film project. Really scary stuff… viewer’s digression advised. Enjoy!

My Photo Hunt


Here is how I do it. I have fun, take pictures. Photo hunt and enjoy my free time. There… enjoy!